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Case Study - Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center


The Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center is located two hours outside of Mexico City in the city of Querétaro, Mexico. It’s a space for the community, private companies and more to gather and engage in exciting events and dynamic performances – but it needed new capabilities to match. 

In 2018, the Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center technical and operations team began a project to renew and improve their general audio system with the intention of strengthening its audiovisual experience to attract more dynamic, high-level artistic performances and private events from companies throughout the region. 

The project included the three key areas of the theater: the Main Hall, which is ideal for a variety of events, such as concerts, operas, musicals and plays; the versatile Experimental Hall, which is perfect for events that require a more intimate atmosphere with the audience; and the Dance Hall, which was designed specifically for theater, dance and body expressive performances.

Case Study - Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center

AV solutions integration company Ponle Audio presented an in-depth proposal led by company director Iván Romero. The design centered around upgrading the sound intelligibility and overall coverage and quality within each of the halls. Given the variety of space sizes — and variety of uses of each — the audio solution needed to provide the ideal audio for a variety of performance types. 

One of the biggest challenges was to achieve optimal coverage in the balconies of the upper levels of the Main Hall. With the original line array system, the only way to deliver audio to the balconies was to increase the volume, which was counterproductive, since the volume causes the audio to become distorted in the lower seating areas.

Case Study - Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center


A key goal for the Experimental Hall was to deliver a sound system with the flexibility to adapt to the multiple cultural activities and artistic presentations for which this venue is used. This capability created a better experience for guests and positioned the venue in a more attractive light for new clients interested in using the space.

“For audio, our priorities were coverage and intelligibility,” said Joel Ramírez, audio engineer and production supervisor at the Querétaro Metropolitan Theater. “We are cautious about the sound pressure level, so we were not looking for equipment that was loud enough. We wanted absolute clarity and intelligibility. And that’s what the Bose ShowMatch system delivered.”

For the Main Hall’s system, Ponle Audio selected the Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ line array loudspeaker technology as the backbone of the system. The performance and versatility offered by the RoomMatch Utility loudspeakers was truly showcased, particularly in being powered by the PowerMatch PM8500 power amplifiers and the ControlSpace EX-1285C processors. 

Case Study - Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center
Case Study - Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center

To overcome the challenge of consistent coverage represented by the third level of balconies, Ponle Audio installed a system hanging from the catwalk structure in the upper level of the theater. ShowMatch loudspeakers were arranged in a 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 configuration, with a total of eight modules that remain hidden from the audience view thanks to a porous gray mesh cover, which also provided the additional aesthetic element giving texture to the venue ceiling. To ensure a rich audio experience in the theater’s more removed lateral seating and in the third-floor balcony area, a series of RoomMatch loudspeakers were strategically integrated throughout the spaces.

With this new audio system, the Experimental Hall is ready to meet the demands of the orchestras that use it as a rehearsal room, as well as plays, musical concerts, television shows and even corporate events.

The Dance Hall is a more intimate, 583-square-foot space used for rehearsals and warm-up sessions for dancers who perform in the Main Hall. A pair of Bose L1 Model II portable line array systems are ready to provide audio whenever needed. These loudspeakers are portable, intuitive and easy to use, so dance artists or instructors operate them without the need of a technician. 

The Convention Center, located in front of the Querétaro Metropolitan Theater, offers ample and functional space for trade shows, conferences and meetings. With 10 versatile event rooms — two on the second floor and eight on the third floor — each can be used individually or merged, transforming into a large space to receive hundreds of guests. 

Case Study - Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center

The 10 rooms are equipped with a Bose Panaray MA12 loudspeaker and a Panaray MB4 subwoofer, all connected to a Dante network. The system enables listening to an audio source in each individual space or across all of them at the same time.

No matter which hall a performance is held in, the audience is now ready for an audio experience that ensures each performance delivers its fullest impact. 

These results have greater affects than just the improved technical aspect. According to Hector Quintero Martinez, head of operations at the Querétaro Metropolitan Theater and Convention Center, “the sound and lighting infrastructure put us at the forefront in the Centro- Bajío region. The sound quality improved substantially, and these feelings are shared from producers to entrepreneurs. It is a renewed tool that helps us to attract more and better events.”

“When we switched to the Bose system, the results were immediately noticeable and significantly improved.”— Joel Ramírez Audio Engineer and Production Supervisor, Querétaro Metropolitan Theater

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